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happy grassroots collective

When mother nature's summer dress is stuck to her flesh, and hanging heavy with humidity, when the playful sprites rise up out of the very earth and run around hooting and hollering and getting drunk on dandelion wine - when they tie their hair back with flower-stems and sticks and stomp barefoot under the sacred Grassroots night, waving colored flags with feral hands, and when the muse paints images on our very memory cells until we are fullup and want to spill out over the sides to anyone who will listen....let this be a place for those puddles...

Welcome to a community for lovers of the Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance. My friends and I have often wished to have a place where festival go-ers could meet off the fields; A way to extend the good vibes at the event into our lives and a way continue making friends. Post whatever you like relating to the festival - photos, pictures, stories, shout-outs, diary entries, thoughts, art projects, ads for your home-made stuffs, looking-for-other-traveller-personals, anything you like.

Rules? Just play nice and I guess no porn cause LJ says so.
I don't want to see any net fights on this community.