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Jun. 14th, 2006 | 02:10 am
posted by: deeply_seeing in grassrootsfest

Thirty-seven days until the 2006 Grassroots Festival of music and dance....Thirty-six days and counting...


     One of the neatest things about every time a new Grassroots comes around is the unveiling of the new, infamous "Grassroots Mug." You see, every year, you can go to the twenty-four hour coffee and pastry tent and buy yourself a reasonably large, plastic travel mug that is covered with always interesting and sometimes beautiful art that represents the festival. There is always a theme of music and dancing within the art - and there is always the legend: "Grassroots -insert year here- A Music Lovers Paradise!" So, there are those of us who collect these mugs and have a whole series of them taking up a great deal of space in our cupboards. And there are those of us who burn lean thought-tissue into the night, wondering what in the world this-comming festival's mug is gonna look like. 
     Panda Aho, Beaner and I were talking the other night about how neat it would be if we could create our own design and submit it. But it turns out that we really have no idea how they solicit their artwork for the new mug. In all probability, the artwork is done internally, by one of the Grassroots staff - or at least by someone within the inner-cirlce. Either way, it is just one of the myriad, goofy little things to look forward to. Sometimes the design is mediocre and forgettable - sometimes it is an image that speaks deeply of the festival and what it means to all of us. Last year falls under the latter - and again, I wish that I had the option of posting images in my journal so that I could illutrate my point. Not only would I be able to show you pics of all my mugs (like you give a flip), I could illustrate all of the tales that I have been telling over the last few weeks. I could show you pictures of Mr. Clucky - Amanda's chicken-pal. I could show you super-smiley pictures of my friends and I frolicking through fields of altruistic idealism. But alas, I refuse to pay for the right to write my daily thoughts within one infitessimal corner of cyberspace. 
     Anyway - If  I were king, the primary color of this years mug would be purple...a gentle/royal/pastel-ish purple. The image itself? Hard to say - but I could use a purple mug.

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